Gazprombank analyst: on ICO regulation and cryptocurrency market trends

Gazprombank analyst: on ICO regulation and cryptocurrency market trends

What are the advantages of ICOs? How do authorities of Russia and other countries deal with the regulation of token sales? Yevgeniy Grankin, senior analyst at the Gazprombank Center for Economic Forecasting, will answer these questions. Listen to his presentation in the “Finteh and regulation” stream on April 18.


The topic of his presentation is “Review of the cryptocurrency market and regulatory practices”.


Yevgeniy will analyze the current situation on the cryptocurrency market: how it has changed and what atmosphere prevails. The speaker will talk about the amount of funds raised using the ICO as well. He will explain what legal issues need to be considered when launching token sale in Russia and other countries.

Yevgeniy Grankin started his career as an analyst in the international audit company KPMG, which is part of the so-called Big Four, in 2010. He was a member of a team in the management company Alfa-Capital and the department of monetary policy of the Central Bank of Russia. Now, he is a senior analyst of one of the largest Russian banks, Gazprombank. This organization provides its services to a number of branches of the real sector of the economy and provides financial services for large state projects.


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