Bitcoin Conference St Petersburg brings together advanced technologies!

Bitcoin Conference St Petersburg brings together advanced technologies!

A specialized conference devoted to Cryptocurrency will bring together the latest technologies of today. Thus, in the framework of a business event and in collaboration with Top 3D Shop, unique Bitcoin coins will be printed for visitors using a 3D printer.

Like many other areas of human activity, Bitcoin is not alien to the aesthetics. It is a sense of beauty that makes us produce beautiful results of our labor. Bitcoin Conference Saint Petersburg and Top 3D Shop will demonstrate how to provide nice internet technologies Bitcoin in beautiful forms.

About the Company:

Top 3D Shop is a leading supplier of 3D equipment on the territory of the Russian Federation. It is an official dealer of MakerBot Ind., 3D Systems (Cubify), PP3DP, Picaso 3D, LeapFrog, DAVID Vision Systems, Artec group and other producers that are leaders on the market of 3D industry.

Top 3D Shop provides a wide range of services including:

3D printing;
3D scanning;
3D modeling;
3D equipment training;
repair and servicing of 3D equipment.
It can’t be uninteresting! May we remind that the conference will be held on December 4, 2014 in the conference hall of Ambassador Hotel (5-7 Rimsky Korsakov Ave.).

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