Bitcoin developers presented network scaling roadmap

Bitcoin developers presented network scaling roadmap

Leading Bitcoin developers and representatives of crypto currency exchanges held 18 hour meeting in Hong Kong. They worked out a roadmap for network scaling.

Participants of the meeting suggested increasing block size. The implementation of this idea was tasked to Bitcoin Core team: Matt Corallo, Cory Fields, Luke Dashjr, and Peter Todd.

The code should be developed by the midsummer 2016, but its presentation is going to take place in April.

If the concept is approved, block size will reach 2 or even 4 Mb. If all goes according to plan, full implementation will be ended in July 2017.

The schedule is as following:

  • April 2016 – project presentation;
  • July 2016 – code presentation;
  • July 2017 – activation (when approved by Bitcoin community).
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