Blockchain in payment services: how it works. QIWI case

Blockchain in payment services: how it works. QIWI case

QIWI is one of the first companies that got interested in the Blockchain technology. Its executives see block chain as a reliable way to protect proprietary right, saying that technology will release the state from a bureaucratic system of document workflow.



Cryptocurrency technologies director at QIWI Aleksey Arhipov will tell about the prospects and benefits of Blockchain in payment systems. He already confirmed his participation in Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Russia on April 8.

QIWI is a payment service uniting the largest global network of terminals, website and mobile app. Using the Visa QIWI Wallet, one can make funds transfers and pay for 75 thousand products and services.

The wallet can be bound to the mobile phone number and deposits are available via a banking card, phone or terminal.

Don’t miss the presentation from Alexey Arhipov as part of the section “Blockchain technology in financial institutes”. Speakers of this section will tell about Blockchain startups, application of block chain in the National Settlement Depository and the future of Blockchain in banking system.

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