What Idea Will Take Over the Cryptoindustry: Results of the Contest For the Best Altcoin Concept!

What Idea Will Take Over the Cryptoindustry: Results of the Contest For the Best Altcoin Concept!

Dear friends! The contest for the best altcoin concept has ended, and we are ready to announce the names of the winners. For a non-standard approach and original ideas, three authors receive tickets to Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Moscow 2021 that will be held on April 6.

All of your concepts are noteworthy, and the choice was not easy. However, according to the organizers, the following authors turned out to be the most unusual:

  1. Nikita Sergeev. He has developed the most detailed and useful concept by proposing the #CLEAN altcoin. A fictional crypto asset is credited when a person throws sorted garbage into designated bins and scans a special QR code on them. The amount depends on the amount and weight of the sorted waste. After that, using the #CLEAN currency, the user can pay in trading networks. The idea that supports the garbage sorting, and at the same time saves the ecology of the planet, rightfully takes the first place!
  2. The author with the nickname AVS. The creator proposed an option that made the organizers think about it a lot. A participant came up with an altcoin for our conference: BCM – Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Moscow. According to the concept, this token is intended to engage the audience through giveaways, as well as participate in the forthcoming conferences and partner events, exchange for tickets or gifts from partners. Thank you for your attention to the event and we are looking forward to seeing you at the event!
  3. Semen Petrov. The author righfully gets the third place for the Marcius cryptocurrency (MARS), which is intended for space flights and, first of all, travelling to Mars. We are sure that the most famous cryptoinfluencer and rocket scientist Elon Musk would definitely be interested in your idea.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the competition. The three winners receive one free ticket each, and all participants receive a 20% discount on Conference category tickets as an incentive.

You have once again proved that there is no limit to human ingenuity and the cryptoindustry is in good hands!

We are waiting for Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Moscow 2021 at Technopolis Moscow congress center, where everyone will learn a lot of useful information, improve their talents, share progressive ideas and meet market experts!

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