Crypto Expert Vladimir Popov to Talk About Web 3.0 Advantages

Crypto Expert Vladimir Popov to Talk About Web 3.0 Advantages

What is the vital difference of Web 3.0 from Web 2.0? What are the advantages of a new concept of the internet technology development? These issues will be revealed by Vladimir Popov, Founder of Synergis, at Blockchain Conference Moscow.

The crypto expert will make a presentation: Web 3.0 – a postblockchain era. He will thoroughly examine the following aspects:

  • Web 3.0 concept and its vital difference from Web 2.0;

  • Web 3.0 features and benefits;

  • potential solution of G5, IoT, and AI problems within Web 3.0;

  • Web 3.0 as a contradiction to centralized solutions;

  • relevant best practices and future prospects.

Vladimir Popov is the founder of a decentralized association of IT experts – Synergis. The company focuses on IT consulting, supports ICO/Blockchain projects, investigates the information technology market, and develops its own IT solutions.

Besides, Vladimir is the author of the first book about crowdsale called ICO: essence, problems, law and dozens of other specialized books. The speaker also wrote many articles about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and ICO. He regularly participates in events dedicated to digital currencies and e-commerce.

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