Are Cryptocurrencies Gold 2.0? Head of J. Rotbart & Co. Will Give an Answer

Are Cryptocurrencies Gold 2.0? Head of J. Rotbart & Co. Will Give an Answer

Joshua Rotbart, the founder and managing partner at J. Rotbart & Co., will speak at the Blockchain Conference Moscow on April 17-18.

The question "Are Cryptocurrencies Gold 2.0?" is the main topic of the speech.


The speaker will give a short recap on cryptocurrencies and physical gold, discuss a changing world interconnection between the two, and compare both markets. Using provided information, the expert will answer the question if Bitcoin is the new gold.


Joshua Rotbart’s company is dealing with conversion of cryptocurrency to physical precious metals and vice versa. It is a good solution for those who want to have their profits in a stable physical asset, and for those who want to change their physical possessions into cryptocurrency.

Although cryptocurrency conversion is currently the largest operation in the company, J. Rotbart & Co. has several Blockchain related projects. The company is now working on ICO with another big crypto company. Also, J. Rotbart & Co. provides advice to companies also integrating physical assets into Blockchain.

The speaker is the head of the company, with the broad international experience, including working in Israel, USA, Singapore and Hong Kong. He also specialises on strategic planning, project and people management, and client relationships.


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