Lectures as part of Blockchain Conference Moscow: we invite all exhibition visitors!

 Lectures as part of Blockchain Conference Moscow: we invite all exhibition visitors!

Annually, Blockchain Conference Moscow features the largest exhibition in the CIS dedicated to hardware and software for the blockchain industry. This year, organizers will also hold lectures with speeches and workshops from high-profile experts. It is available to everyone who has purchased a ticket to the exhibition.

Lectures are designed for those who decided to immerse into the topic of blockchain and who has been already familiar with the basic concepts (mining, blockchain, cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets), but has not yet figured out the nuances. During the activity, speakers will talk about the practical application of blockchain, provide a full training course on cryptocurrency security, as well as cover the topic of smart contracts and their use.

Key speakers and topics

Lectures are held by the globally-renowned experts, including invited speakers of the conference.

Igor Porokh — analyst and trader at iTuber, who has been earning on cryptocurrencies since 2016. He will hold a lecture on the topic of ‘Cryptocurrency in 60 minutes’. The audience will learn:

  • how to buy bitcoin, altcoins, tokens;
  • how to buy something for cryptocurrency;
  • how to exchange cryptocurrency for traditional money;
  • how to create a crypto wallet and protect it from risks.

Alexei Mikheev, owner of an investment company and expert in investments in cryptocurrency, will dedicate his lecture to smart contracts and their application in manufacturing. Theses:

  • smart contracts: definition and history;
  • advantages and disadvantages of smart contracts;
  • practical application of the technology.

Leonid Foiu-Khatskevych, Public Relations Manager of blockchain companies Quoine LTD and 482.Solutions, will tell about bounty campaigns and whether one can earn income on them:

  • what is a bounty campaign;
  • what to expect from bounty campaigns;
  • how much one can earn by participating in bounty.

Igor Voronin is a Partner at Swiss Quote Bank in Eastern Europe and Asia. The expert has more than ten years of experience in the financial sector. In his report ‘Secure crypto trading’, he will talk about how to reduce risks when investing into cryptocurrency.

The most intriguing part of the lecture will be a workshop from the Bitfury representatives. It is a multi-faceted blockchain company, the largest industrial miner, blockchain-based software and hardware developer outside of China, with offices and data centers in seven countries of Europe, Asia and North America.

Workshop will be held in the form of a practical session with case studies. After a small introductory speech of an expert, visitors can ask questions about blockchain in the area of their interest. The expert will give advice on cost-effectiveness of the blockchain integration, where to begin and how to effectively implement it.

Owners of all categories of tickets, including ‘Exhibition only’, can come to the lectures without additional payment! Don’t forget: on the event day, the cost of Blockchain Conference Moscow ticket is higher, so it is better to pay for it online in advance.

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