What can blockchain do? Top 5 interesting examples of technology application

What can blockchain do? Top 5 interesting examples of technology application

The conventional application of blockchain in the financial sector is old hat. However, there are a lot of examples of uncommon usage of technology. Let’s examine the most interesting and unique ways of integrating distributed ledger.

Blockchain transforms the cannabis world

Blockchain technology is gradually applied in the medical cannabis industry. Due to decentralized technologies, the legal sale of hashish can be more transparent and safe.

PotCoin is one of the platforms providing solutions in this area. The company offers its own cryptocurrency for purchasing and selling cannabis. The platform is going to unite everyone interested in this sector in order to enhance the transparency of operations and the level of credibility between sellers and buyers of charas.

Monitoring our food

Supply chains are one more sector that can be significantly improved using the blockchain integration. For example, you can monitor the quality of seafood. The Sawtooth Lake platform allows to find out how and under what conditions sea products have been transported before entering the store.

After catching, each product obtains a special sensor providing information about its quality and storage place as well as the temperature and location at a certain point.

Transparent clothes

Blockchain allows to monitor not only the stuff we eat but also the things we put on. The Provenance platform helps users to discover the manufacturer and previous owners of the clothes. The company puts a label with the unique ID on all things. It is this identifier that allows to learn everything about the past of your pullover.

Communicating with friends online via blockchain

Decentralized social networks are only beginning to grow. Nevertheless, blockchain enthusiasts have already joined one of them – Diaspora*. The platform allows to communicate with friends and other users without providing any personal information.

Signing in the social network, users control all of their data, as well as select the design of the contact list and the level of availability of their content to other platform participants.

Enjoying the music with blockchain

Blockchain is conquering the music industry as well: one is developing transparent ecosystems with an easy access available to any user.

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For instance, the PeerTracks platform allows music lovers to listen to their favorite tracks for free and musicians to collect fees. Blockchain technology records every listening of the song, and the musician receives the corresponding payment. Besides, using the platform, beginning musicians have the opportunity to load their tracks and collect the listening audience.

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