Mikhail Uspenskiy, Cryptology.Legal Head: Cryptocurrency tax: how to calculate the sum correctly?

Mikhail Uspenskiy, Cryptology.Legal Head: Cryptocurrency tax: how to calculate the sum correctly?

How to pay cryptocurrency operation taxes, are there any benefits, and should one be registered in the tax agency? These issues will be revealed at Blockchain Conference Moscow by Mikhail Uspenskiy, the head of the Cryptology.Legal project and a partner of Taxology Law Firm.


He will speak on the topic: Taxation of cryptocurrency transactions.


Key points:

  • do miners and traders need to be registered in the tax agency?
  • taxes should be paid only when transferring into fiat money: myth explosion;
  • how to calculate correctly the sum of assessed taxes on cryptocurrency operations?
  • benefits for patient HODLers due to income tax;
  • VAT: issues of repayment during ICOs.

Mikhail will be a moderator of the panel discussion called ‘Legal ICO holding. The world's practice’.

Mikhail Uspenskiy has been consulting international and Russian companies on various taxation issues for 12 years. Prior to Taxology, he has led tax practice at Moscow law firm as a partner for 5 years.

Currently, the speaker is focusing on the blockchain technology sector. He is a legal advisor to Russia’s first legal ICO: LavkaLavka (BioCoin), a project launching cryptocurrency within Russian legal environment. Expert’s achievements include the prevention of project website blocking in court on a claim of the public prosecution office.

Besides, Mikhail Uspenskiy is a member of the Singapore Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry Association (ACCESS) and a moderator of the largest specialized social media platforms. He has represented the interests of the Russian subsidiary of Uber. Chambers and Legal 500, leading international legal rankings, recommend Mikhail for cooperation in both tax and corporate laws.

His project efforts are aimed at establishing a cryptocurrency fund in one of the European countries.


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