Taxes, green mining and DAO – three hot discussions to take place at 11th Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Moscow

Taxes, green mining and DAO – three hot discussions to take place at 11th Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Moscow

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Moscow 2022 is the best platform for the hottest discussions. In order each guest could learn something new and get answers from the speakers directly, we have increased the number of panel discussions. There will be three of them this year!

What relevant issues and questions will be raised by the leading Russian experts and why should you attend the event?

The event dedicated to blockchain, mining and cryptocurrency will unite representatives of the public sector, developers, business owners, startups and enthusiasts interested in modern technologies and new ways of earning profit.

At the conference this March, panel discussions will have an important role, highlighting the following topics:

  • Taxes, bans and criminal liability. The future for cryptocurrency owners

  • Eco-friendly mining. Utopia or reality?

  • Digital risks, legal regulation and DAO as a global competitor to traditional organizations within the next 20 years.

The experts will exchange views and answer all questions from the audience.

Key points of the discussions:

  • Legislative regulation of cryptocurrency.

  • Launch of the digital ruble and its impact on the digital finance market in Russia.

  • Relocation of miners from China, excess electricity consumption and payment of taxes.

  • Substitution of the usual regulated authorities by decentralized organizations.

Are you a professional or beginner? This does not matter at all. The discussions will be interesting both to specialists with many years of experience and to those who have just started their journey into the wonderful world of digital currencies.

We are waiting for you at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Moscow 2022 on March 30 – here you will get maximum useful and unique information. Also, subscribe to our social networks and email newsletters. Stay tuned!

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