New Facebook and electric grids based on blockchain. Moscow will host Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference 2016

New Facebook and electric grids based on blockchain. Moscow will host Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference 2016

November 10, Moscow will host annual Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Russia.

Participants will focus on the most unexpected blockchain implementations in business and financial area. 


Most of the issues have never been discussed in Russia. The domestic market still has to learn about the range of block chain applying.        

The conference will be divided into two sections: for banking sector representatives and those who implement the blockchain in private business goals. There will be minimum of theory and maximum of case study.    

The section for financial experts will be dedicated to the blockchain and cryptocurrencies in the banking area. We will discuss recent news about the Ministry of Finance bill and regulatory strategies of different countries. We will reveal blockchain services advantages for financial institutions and find out what technical barriers should be overcome.        

Will cryptocurrencies compete with fiat money? How far is emission of national cryptocurrencies? How soon will the blockchain substitute banks’ back offices? What is the prospect for R3CEV consortium? These and other issues will be discussed with crypto project leaders, scientists, and lawyers.           

The section for businesspeople and developers will be dedicated to blockchain adaption to individual issues in insurance, production, logistics, retail, etc. We will review experience of switching social institutions to decentralization and digitalization principles.           

We will also find out how electricity exchange network operates on smart contracts. This section will allow to talk with foreign speakers about medical data registration in the blockchain and intermediaries avoidance when real estate renting and selling.   

We will examine the issue of transnational identification in the block chain and appearance of new social networks based on it: will one create new Facebook based on the blockchain?          

Participants will be able to take part in the panel discussion dedicated to new realia: symbiosis of Blockchain and Internet of Everything. The latter term includes wider spectrum of phenomena than already common Internet of Things. You will be able to know its nature at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Russia.            

Conference registration is open.

Follow updates on Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Russia website: speakers and report topics will be given in further announcements.

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