Regulation of Cryptocurrencies in Russia, Taxation and the Future of the Market: Panel Discussion at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Moscow 2021

Regulation of Cryptocurrencies in Russia, Taxation and the Future of the Market: Panel Discussion at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Moscow 2021

The law on the regulation of cryptocurrencies in Russia came into force in January 2021. In February, State Duma deputies adopted a bill on taxation of virtual assets in the first reading, recognizing them as property. And today, legislative activity in this area continues.

Will the new regulatory requirements lead to various problems on the market or open up new opportunities for making money and developing a business? Find out about this on September 29 at the anniversary Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Moscow!

As part of the event, a panel discussion will be held on the topic “The risks of owning a cryptocurrency in Russia”.

During the conversation, experts will consider relevant issues about the regulation of digital assets in Russia. Among other things, they will discuss the tax aspects of the turnover of cryptocurrencies and give recommendations on the legislative steps of the upcoming financial revolution.

The discussion will be moderated by Mikhail Uspensky, a member of the International Tax Association, Deputy Chair of the Board of the Chamber of Tax Consultants of Russia.

The panel discussion participants will include recognized industry experts:

  • Dmitry Marinichev – Presidential Commissioner for Entrepreneurs’ Rights in the Internet (Internet Ombudsman). He is a member of the Expert Council of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, member of the General Council at Business Russia.

  • Ruslan Yusufov – CEO and Managing Partner at MINDSMITH. Regular speaker at educational programs of Moscow School of Management Skolkovo, RANEPA and others.

  • Dmitry Machikhin – founder and CEO at Bitnalog, the first platform in the CIS for legal work with digital assets. Partner at GMT Legal in Moscow. Head at Pressman Capital private investment fund. Ranked among the top international experts in cryptocurrency and blockchain.

  • Mike Tretyak – Partner, Head of IP/IT Practice and International Clients Department at Digital Rights Center. Member of the Commission on Blockchain Technologies and Digital Economy at Investment Russia.

  • Alexey Mikheev – Executive Secretary at the Expert Council on Knowledge Economy Management at the Committee on Education and Science under the State Duma of the Russian Federation. For more than 15 years, he has been effectively managing the consulting business. Founder of a closed investment club.

The discussion will be useful to crypto enthusiasts, investors, lawyers, business owners who use digital currencies to carry out financial transactions, as well as other professionals involved in the circulation of digital assets.

Join Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Moscow 2021 to learn about all aspects of regulating the turnover of digital assets at the state level.

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