Top 10 Cryptocurrencies in Gambling: Rating Based On Capitalization

Top 10 Cryptocurrencies in Gambling: Rating Based On Capitalization

Not all digital assets survived the slump of exchange following Bitcoin in 2018. Cryptocurrencies related to gambling business showed a sustainable positive trend in both blockchain technology development and price increase. Meet the top ten cryptocurrencies for gambling most popular in 2019.

Cryptocurrencies for gambling

In comparison with centralized currencies, cryptocurrencies help to rapidly transfer and receive money securely and anonymously. The main advantage of tokens in the gambling sector is the fact that they allow web resources to accept cash remittances directly from users, avoiding third parties. It helps the gambling industry to evolve without any restrictions by the public authorities and users to transfer money with high speed and maximum security.

Besides, one of the crucial differences between gambling cryptocurrencies and other industry assets is that they do not depend on Bitcoin.

Ten top-rated gambling cryptocurrencies


  • January 1 – $23.1 million

  • July 1 – $31,7 million

FunFair  was launched in 2017 by FunFair Technologies, which designed the same-name gaming platform for B2B blockchain. The system is based on Fate Channel technology and Ethereum smart contracts. Due to blockchain, the platform ensures fair and secure gaming at an extremely high operating speed.

FUN is a digital token allowing players to place bets and casinos to reward users. Developers earn FUN for their games, and one can conduct core Web processes using the token.

Casino Coin

  • January 1 – $9.4 million

  • July 1 – $30,2 million

CasinoCoin is an open peer-to-peer cryptocurrency designed for the regulated online gambling industry. Like the majority of cryptocurrencies, the token features enhanced security, making the regulated gambling sector as safe for players as possible.

CasinoCoin digital token has all cryptocurrency advantages such as transparency, safety, and usability. At the same time, it allows regulators to carry out their work, including operations concerning KYC/AML requirements and other regulated platforms.


  • February 20 – $5.3 million

  • July 1 – $12, 3 million

PlayChip is aimed at becoming a comprehensive gaming token. The cryptocurrency is meant for payments and rewarding for over one million players in 70 different countries.

This cryptocurrency allows to place bets and obtain immediate pay-offs. Moreover, PlayChip helps operating partners to define whether users can make bets on their platforms depending on local jurisdiction.

According to, the capitalization of gambling cryptocurrencies exceeds $100 million this year. The figure has decreased in comparison with January 2018 (the total value of gambling cryptocurrencies was more than $1.5 billion), but the condition of these assets are steady, and the cost is unaffected by the BTC rate.

Топ-10 криптовалют в гемблинге: рейтинг согласно размеру капитализации


Stability and market capitalization of digital assets for gambling is directly related to the gambling industry development rather than to the state of the first cryptocurrency. Gambling is one of the most promising areas to integrate blockchain technologies providing users with transparent game conditions and online casinos with freer growth circumstances.

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