Supply chains on blockchain. New project from LANIT

Supply chains on blockchain. New project from LANIT

How to transfer goods supply to blockchain? Learn from the speaker of Blockchain Conference Moscow, the CEO at Digital Transformation Group (DTG) Den Reymer. Listen to his report on April 17 during the ‘Development and Marketing’ section.


The topic of his report is ‘Blockchain for Businesses. 7 steps of supply chain transformation’.


Using his own experience, Den will tell which blockchain platforms are the best for delivery of goods and valuables. He will tell about the trends in the area and ways of transforming the existing business model.

Den Reymer is an expert in the field of business transformation. Since 2000 he has been working in LANIT, one of the largest Russian IT companies He made his way from a developer to the head of the Integrated business solutions department, heading the subsidiary companies of LANIT Group of companies. Today he holds the position of Vice-president on digital transformation at LANIT, as well as the CEO at DTG, the integrator of digital ecosystems. The company specializes in business consulting and development of blockchain-based business solutions: both separate platforms and decentralized applications.


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