Whale Partners Will Join Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Moscow 2021 Demo Zone

Whale Partners Will Join Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Moscow 2021 Demo Zone

Are you investing in the stock or crypto market? Interested in profitable decisions and looking for quality advice from experts?

Then you should definitely attend Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Moscow 2021 demo zone, where you can meet representatives of Whale Partners.

Whale Partners is a closed investment community as well as a cryptocurrency and stock market fund. It manages assets with a total value of $7 million in its client accounts.

The fund is engaged in the search and selection of projects for seed and private rounds and manages a market portfolio with different cryptocurrencies. In addition, it participates in public token sales and collaborates with large international funds.

The main focus Whale Partners is on early stage projects supported by large funds. The investment horizon is from 6 months to 3 years.

The fund founders have been involved in crypto investments since 2016. In 2018, they decided to start a community. In addition to cryptocurrency projects, Whale Partners team also maintains portfolios in the stock market and invests in small-cap companies.

Join Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Moscow 2021 on September 29 – upgrade your knowledge and start investing with the greatest benefits.

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