Pressrelease 2015

On April 2, 2015, the Mirit Hotel in Moscow hosted Blockchain Conference Russia, a forum on cryptocurrencies. The event generated lots of buzz and interest from both the Bitcoin community and the state authorities and regulatory agencies. The event was attended by the representatives of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Finance and the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media to build an effective dialogue with Bitcoin enthusiasts.

A venue of Blockchain Conference Russia caused a great resonance among the guests and participants of the event. The same building houses the office of the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media. Moreover, everyone could see the coat of arms of the Russian Federation Ministry of Communications above the stage where the speakers spoke. The forum organizers decided that the safest place of the event dedicated to cryptocurrencies would be an office of the adverse party.

The forum was divided into several thematic units. Each of them included several speakers who performed both individually and in the form of debate with other participants.

Ivan Tikhonov, the founder of, opened the forum

Legal unit:

  • Moderator - Maria Lepschikova, the lawyer at LLC Pravovaya Liniya
  • Artem Tolkachev - the managing partner at Tolkachev & Partners Law firm
  • Artem Kozlyuk - the head of the project "RosKomSvoboda"
  • Pavel Rassudov - one of the founders of the "Russian Pirate Party".

Financial and regulatory unit:

  • Moderator - Alex Fork, Bitcoin evangelist and author of a book about Bitcoin;
  • Evgeniy Volovik - the head of Information and Communications International Training Centre Department of the Federal Financial Monitoring Service;
  • Pavel Medvedev - Doctor of Economics, former deputy of the State Duma, and current financial ombudsman;
  • Pavel Shust- the representative of the Electronic Money Association, author of articles on the financial regulation
  • Michael Chobanian - the founder of the Ukrainian Kuna Bitcoin Agency, replaced regulators who did not appear.

Topics discussed in this unit caused intense discussion and debate among the speakers and participants. This has once again proved that Bitcoin topic is relevant today as ever. In addition, there will be a lot of controversy and discussion about the prospects of its existence and development.

Business unit:

  • Moderator - Dmitriy Zhuravlev, the CEO of Human Factory Labs;
  • Aleksey Bragin - the founder of the first cryptocurrency future exchange ICBit;
  • Dmitriy Starodubtsev – the official representative of Colored Coins in Russia;
  • Yaroslav Loginov - the founder of the LibreMoney project, a member of the RPP;
  • Marina Gurieva – the co-founder of the Cyber Fund community.

All representatives of the business unit have noted that despite the fact that laws prohibiting cryptocurrencies in Russia may be taken as early as this year, the potential for development of the technology and Bitcoin block chain is huge. Moreover, hardly anyone is able to calculate its limits. The most high-tech companies in the world such as IBM, Intel, Samsung and others have been increasing investments in the field of cryptocurrencies, and their efforts will not ne in vain. In particular, a block chain will be extremely demanded in the Internet of things that has been successfully promoted by the leaders of the IT market. Very soon, we will see all of these changes.

Despite all the difficulties, obstacles and prohibitions, Blockchain Conference Russia was a grand event in the field Cryptocurrency. The Forum was attended by over 130 guests, participants and Bitcoin enthusiasts who continue to develop this area, to defend their rights, and are always open to dialogue with the authorities. Next event dedicated to the Cryptocurrency, will take place on May 14, 2015 in Prague (Blockchain Conference Prague, and in winter, the event will return to Russia.

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